Not only does CaptainHODL contain a smart buyback feature, it also allows different buy and sell taxes. See where we’re getting at? Whenever someone buys into CaptainHODL, they only pay a total of 9% in taxes. However, when paperhands sell, they pay a significantly larger 25% tax. The majority of the taxes collected are used for the smart buyback feature, and a smaller portion is used to cover marketing and development costs.

Needless to say, if you’re feeling paperhanded, CaptainHODL is going to nail you. However, if you hold, CaptainHODL will reward you with very nice buybacks that will make the value of your investment automatically appreciate.



We run happy hours every day at different times, setting buy fees to ZERO.


The First Avenger

TG Community and Website☑
Social Media accounts☑
Organic growth☑
54% Total Supply Burned☑
Launch: Sept 4th 2021☑
400 Hodlers☑


First Steps

Audit by RugFreeCoins☑
Ecosystem new token☑ CHECK
Integrate CAPHODL with NFT's☑
DEXTools trending
Coin Gecko listing
Twitter trending
A-Ads Marketing
2000 Hodlers
500k Market Cap


The Secret Network

Token Partnerships
Ecosystem organic grow
Most Popular influencers
Youtubers Contest
Rewards Dashboard
Social media ads
First NFT game
5000 Hodlers
CoinMarketCap listing
1M MarketCap


The Big Boost

NFT Market
10 City Billboards
Actors + influencers


Full Platform

Insights delivery to hodlers
Mapping new tokens for community based on AI
Identifying warnings for hodlers wallets
Mobile App release
Hodlers Chats
Hodlers Online Parties
AI buy system to boost partner tokens
Full bot to support hodlers decisions
Scammers scan platform



Did you ever wonder why all reward tokens never survive more than a few weeks?

Maybe you thought about their tokenomics deeper and realized that it could be so much better if buyers could buy in at a low tax and sellers could sell at a significantly higher one? Reward tokens’ most attractive feature is also what causes their demise. In a reward token, the contract collects taxes from transactions and sells the original token to buy rewards to distribute to all holders. As a result, large amounts of tokens are dumped, ultimately hurting investors. The red candles printed on the chart both deter new potential investors who see a lot of sell orders, and it can also scare away less experienced ones who do not understand that the contract sells periodically.

Instead of a dumping reward function, CaptainHODL collects a transaction tax that can then be used to strategically buy back the tokens sold. This smart buyback feature allows the team to print green candles on the chart at the most critical times, increasing the token’s price through buybacks and burns and investor confidence through an upward trending chart.


We ran a private presale using funds of holders from our former token community.
That permited to create a decent LP for the public launch on September 4th 2021



Hodler Heroes is a project created within the same ecosystem as CaptainHODL, led by the same Dev team and offering dozens of fantastic new features for holders to experience more alternatives to make profits by including staking, gaming, minting and more!

Heroes capsules

Buy capsules with $CAPHODL to create new NFT heroes!

Mint Heroes

Open the capsules and get random heroes to start minting!

Merge heroes

Give birth to a new hero by merging two of your collection.

Level Up

Play dApp games to gain experience and improve your heroes' skills.

Passive incomes

Receive rewards in multiple tokens by accumulating different heroes.

Earn more playing

Play Battle PVP and PVM Battle to increase your profits.


Sell your heroes within the NFT market using a safe dApp platform.


Earn interest on your investments by locking your NFT heroes.